Friday, August 24, 2012

Attention Almond Milk, Coconut Milk, etc Drinkers!

I stopped drinking Blue Diamond Almond milk a few months ago when I learned of this carcinogenic additive they put in their almond milk: Carrageenan. 

After reading about it here on Food Babe's blog, I started paying more attention to it and realized it's in virtually every single dairy alternative beverage on the market! You name it, it's got it...Coconut Milk, Almond Milk, Soy Milk, Rice Milk, Hemp Milk! I spent a good 20 minutes at Whole Foods one day just reading all the different milk ingredient lists and I found only one brand that did not contain it: Whole Foods Organic 365. This is the only brand I will buy now. (I get the unsweetened Vanilla and drink it with my morning coffee)

I may even start making my own nut milk because it is so easy and you can sweeten it anyway you want! With stevia, dates, vanilla, chocolate--the possibilities are endless! Max Goldberg from one of my favorite blogs, Living Maxwell, has a video showing you how to make it

While we are on the subject of dairy alternatives, I recommend staying away from soy milk all together. Even if it is organic (therefore, non-GMO), studies have shown that soy raises estrogen levels in the body which has been linked to breast cancer in women and in some cases causes men to grow breasts! 

NOTE: Silk Pure Almond Milk also does not contain Carrageenan, but I personally refuse to support them because they are one of the many companies paying money to attempt to keep GMOs from being labeled. (You can read more about it here)


  1. Thank you for the insight. Looks like all of this information against it has been known for a while but a select few and is just starting to leak out into the mainstream. Guess I'll have to shop at Whole Foods for my Almond Milk but I'm going to check out Mother's Market first. Orange County CA has the best grocery store options!!!

  2. Silk is against Prop 37, but it participates in the Non-GMO Project. It has the label on the silk almond milk. Is this a contradiction or is it something else?

  3. Major respect for what you are doing. I'm a huge believer in eating well and very much against the free radical infested food they put on the market. I disagree on the soy though. It is of the few complete protein plant sources. In moderation it is perfectly fine. You need quiet a bit of it to cause a huge problem. The phytosterols in soy bind to the estrogenic receptor sites because they are similar in chemical make up as estrogen. This in turn increases the receptor site sensitivity as well. Thank you for the insight on the Carrageenan.

  4. I do not agree as I buy this product and it does not contain soy.

  5. Silk is part of the Non GMO Project actually.

  6. The type of carrageenan used in foods is NOT a carcinogen. All studies that have shown carrageenan to cause cancer are NOT using food grade and instead using degraded carrageenan which is NOT approved for use in any foods.

    Learning to check your facts before jumping on the internet trend bandwagon is what is going to sustain the world for the future.

    1. Well said. Same goes for GMO'S. Just about every piece of fresh produce you eat has been geneticallyl modified.

  7. I also am now looking out for this. I found Sprout's brand and Trader Joe's brand (both unsweetened) almond milks don't contain it as well. So, it seems like the store brands are ok! Also, I'm bummed because that means no more almond milk lattes out and about since all the places use the typical brands that have carrageenan in it.