Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Keep A Breast Non-Toxic Revolution's What to Eat Wednesday (when it's October and all you want is pumpkin!)

As some of you may remember, I mentioned back in September that I would be blogging for KAB's Non-Toxic Revolution for the month of October on their "What to Eat Wednesday" series.

In honor of the month of October, I will be posting nothing but pumpkin recipes!  It’s going to be a full on Pumpkin fest up in here! Cause lets be real, who doesn’t love pumpkin? Don’t worry, it won’t all be cookies and muffins, I’ve got some good stuff in my recipe patch (get it?) for you so get excited! In addition to it tasting delicious did you know that pumpkin has health benefits too?  It is rich in dietary fiber, and packed full of antioxidants, minerals (Magnesium, potassium and iron) and vitamins A, C, & E, all of which will help fight off cancer and keep your immune system boosted during flu season!

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