Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Keep A Breast Non-Toxic Revolution's What to Eat Wednesday (when it's October and all you want is pumpkin!) PUMPKIN-SAGE PIZZA

Hi I’m back! Did you miss me? I’m still on that pumpkin kick and holding true to my promise that this October Pumpkin fest isn’t all just muffins and cookies. This post is all about PIZZA! Savory, comforting, delicious pizza, with a fall twist! I traded out the traditional marinara for a pumpkin sauce that is so enticing you won’t even miss the traditional tomato sauce.
I revised the crust from a recipe of the ever-talented Miss Jess Simpson of (original can be seenHERE!)
Did I mention it’s a gluten free crust? But you would never know it! (Maybe I shouldn’t have even told you). Seriously though, I am never buying another store bought pizza crust again. That’s how delicious this crust is. For all you gluten eaters out there don’t be afraid to try it! I promise it won’t disappoint.
Thanks to my sensitive stomach, this is a cheese-less pizza party, however if you are feelin cheesy I think Manchego would be fantastic on it (or you can never go wrong with a good Mozzarella)
And without further ado I present you…

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